Thursday, November 12, 2020



Something dearest was in my heart

I left it somewhere.

A desperate attempt was to return to it.

But I got lost, I didn’t know how.

No mobile phone, no address could I remember

Modern ICT baffled me.

A juggernaut in disguise on my way.


A graveyard I have crossed

Met some dead people

Some known some unknown

A little solace have I got

When my dearest friend with awe,

Peeped from grave’s foot, and saw.


A rarest heart was he

God’s favourite die young!

A line of worry in his face  

Thinking of human race.


‘Haven’t  you read Waiting for Godot’ said he,

‘All absurdities you must ponder normal

But my friend fight against juggernaut 

The evil must be defeated at last.’


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