Tuesday, November 10, 2020


Fruitless Love 

I have given you much

You gave me little

But I was in need of that little

Corporate interest of give-and-take!


Once I risked my life for you

Taking  you on my back I flew up

Like a spider man.

My flight was the peak of Everest.


You didn’t like that flight

That spell of an Iblis possessed you

Jealous of my strength!

–And then came the advantage of coronavirus.

Their wish was fulfilled

Separating me from you

The death of a relationship!


Day in day out

You will continue disturbing

Blaze my heart with love and hatred

But I am not revengeful

Will not throw acid on your face


In solitude, like Sisyphus

I will roll the stone up

Only to fall down and try again

Days, months, Years, centuries and millennia.

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