Tuesday, November 17, 2020


//Dreams Unfulfilled Forever//


That is not impossible, when

Our life is cheaper than a rat, or a cat

When killings become a culture.


Yet some deaths haunt our conscience

Cost a great deal from us

As the Death of our Father did.

The beauty of a drop of dew on a grass leaf

The smiles of a shapla on a lake water

The whistles of a doel sitting on a wall

Were all more charming to you than

The charms of a General’s badge.


You wanted to find a meaning of your life

In a madly pursuit, few could understood.

The dream to showcase your motherland beyond

Remained beyond, unfulfilled forever.

Come down on wings of angels

Pass some time with seagulls at Teknaf

Become a scholar gypsy, avoiding us enough. 



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