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Not to Grow Old

I don’t want to grow old, at least In my kink and my all being. I’ve crossed fifty, so what? I colour my hair black carefully, and regularly Clean-shave every morning Control my diet to prevent fat I like to look young, though my Thin hair exposing a naughty spot on my head And a dark foul mark below each eye So what? I feel young and cent present young The secret is that – My business is with the young – mainly between 18 and 25 It’s wonderful to enjoy the company of these bubbling youths It’s wonderful to talk to them, to listen to them It’s wonderful to teach them and be taught by them It’s wonderful to dance with them, to sing with them It’s wonderful to get lost with them to some Nature’s bounty beyond Dhaka’s poisonous air - Jaffflong, Cox’s Bazar, St Martin's, Sajek and so on - It is really wonderful to stay with them to feel like them Because they are YOUNG and BEAUTIFUL.

Song of Coronavirus

                                       I I still don’t know where and how I was born, Hmm, was I born at a lab at your hands, man? Somewhere at China or USA? Or, mother nature released me as an offshoot? I came to your world only three months ago, You gave me the name Coronavirus When I compete you, you call me COVID 19 Whatever my name and origin, I don’t grieve, for One becomes great not by birth or name but by action My fame rests upon my performance I need not anyone to eulogize me.                                      II My maiden WWE match was at Wuhan, China So, you may identify China as my homeland But my victory was taken by the storm Across the globe, overnight. The advantage of aeroplanes, people’s travelling Succeeded my mission of a global celebrity. Obviously, celebrity of all celebrities. My competitors fell upon my feet Because my mission is to tear their lungs To lead them to the gate of Hades I keep no accounts of how