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Song of Coronavirus

I still don’t know where and how I was born,
Hmm, was I born at a lab at your hands, man?
Somewhere at China or USA?
Or, mother nature released me as an offshoot?
I came to your world only three months ago,
You gave me the name Coronavirus
When I compete you, you call me COVID 19
Whatever my name and origin, I don’t grieve, for
One becomes great not by birth or name but by action
My fame rests upon my performance
I need not anyone to eulogize me.

My maiden WWE match was at Wuhan, China
So, you may identify China as my homeland
But my victory was taken by the storm
Across the globe, overnight.
The advantage of aeroplanes, people’s travelling
Succeeded my mission of a global celebrity.
Obviously, celebrity of all celebrities.
My competitors fell upon my feet
Because my mission is to tear their lungs
To lead them to the gate of Hades
I keep no accounts of how many, though
Today your statistics say thirty four thousand.
I keep no company but one
Whom the Muslims call Azrael.
Oh, no, I’m not so ruthless
I mercy many to get back alive.

I celebrate myself and sing myself
What you assume I do not assume
Where are you Trump?
Your name sounds with Triumph.
Now, the world is not at your feet
But at mine, I can roll it as I wish.
Where are you Angela Merkel?
Where are you Boris Johnson?
No fear for you Vladimir Putin.
The world has been a heap of sin
Now is the time to clean.
Quarantine, lock down, isolation
All these are temporary solution.


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