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Book written by Dr. Md. Abu Zafor

                            Twentieth Century Bengali Poetry in English Translation In this globalized world translation is a vehicle to reach the audiences across borders. It is known to us all that Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel Prize for his translated work Gitanjali: Song Offerings in 1913. Many of us, however, don't know that Tagore  translated many more of his poems and published them from London. Many  have little idea about the stock of the translated Bangla poetry. The book Twentieth Century Bengali Poetry in English Translation published from Dhaka by Asiatic Society of Bangladesh gives a comprehensive idea about the total stock of the twentieth century Bengali poetry in English translation. The introduction of this book focuses on various aspects of these translations such as the availability of translations, the publishers, popularity of translations, the translators, quality of  translations etc. The book can be used as a reference work and is expected to e